You all are probably watching the big Amazing Race finale right now, aren’t you? Well, don’t friggin’ ruin it for me! I’m probably just going to take a break from the Internet for a day or two so I don’t get spoiled. Maybe I’ll be productive and, like, prepare for the move or something… at least until we manage to download the episode.


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  1. last season i managed to stay spoiler free, i don’t know how i managed it. when you download i probabaly will have to stay away from your site 🙂
    at least channel seven is showing two episodes a week so it won’t be too long before we get it (i hope)

  2. I’ll try to keep all discussion of the winners off the front page posts, but you’ll have to avoid looking at the “recent comments” list for a while… 🙂

  3. I tried not to give it away this time, Kris! Can’t wait for you to see the episode!

  4. oooh.. yep – thank god for 2 episodes a week! we’ll catch up but not anytime this week 😛

  5. They ARE showing two eps a week here, Tracey? I know about the Wednesday night show… When’s the other one?

  6. it’s tuesday nights kris, i missed the second one..,

  7. yup, tuesday’s aswell! *keeps internet eyes and ears shut for the next 2 months?* haha

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