In case you missed the link in this thread, check out these rabbits. At least, I think they’re supposed to be rabbits. Isn’t that nuts? I want one.


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  1. God help us.It looks like a giant furball. I’m guessing the only thing it would able to do is sit on its ass drooling.

  2. Just looking at them makes me envision all sorts of lovely angora scarves and sweaters…

  3. My husband and brother-in-law were almost horrified by the big fluffy bunnies. I think they’re adorable — they look like an alpaca’s head. 🙂

    I’m adopting one and making it my official Fanfiction Plot Bunny.TM

  4. *smacks head*
    Now I know what that thing was under my bed when I moved!

  5. I looked up angora rabbits in my knitting book today. Apparently you get the best fibers by combing them, not shearing them. You obviously don’t get much per rabbit per year then, which is why angora is ridiculously expensive.

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