There was a good article reprinted in today’s Herald about the surprise
success of Office Space
. The movie barely made back its intial investment in the theaters but is now considered one of Fox Home Entertainment’s Top 20 hits. Have you got a red Swingline stapler?

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  1. Nice article, though it’s a little odd seeing an Aussie newspaper column containing the word “y’all.” 🙂

    I saw Office Space in the theater, and I loved it. Ebert gave it three stars.

  2. i absolutely love “office space” – glad to see it get a little appreciation!

  3. “Ummmm, yeeeeeeeeah we really need this office, so if you could move your desk down to the basement, that would be greeeeeeat.”

    That is the best movie EVER. Wait – the best movie after Empire Records, Labyrinth, Shag and Ice Age. But still, it’s in my top 5.

  4. Easily top 5. Ron Livingston deserves the love he got from Sex and the City. Love him

  5. that scene towards the end where they’re loading the banking software into the company mainframe and RL’s in a suit, walking in slo-mo? :::drool:::

  6. Hey, I loved him back in Swingers! I actually wrote a twenty page thesis on that movie and how Ron Livingstone was supposed to epitomise the ideal man. You start off thinking Vince Vaughan is cool but by the end of the film, when you see him in the harsh light of day, he’s a fool. But Ron is just nice and handsome and funny and helpful to his friends. *sigh* And yeah, he rocks that suit scene. 🙂

  7. I believe Entertainment Weekly broke the news of the movie’s cult success in one of their big movie-centric issues a while back. Oddly enough, Swingline had to START manufacturing red Swinglines to meet demands because of the movie! I also remember reading that Stephen Root (Milton, Jimmy-James and Bubbles in “Finding Nemo”) has gotten a lot of recognition by fans of the movie for his role. I think he said he’d autographed a lot of office supplies.

    And, just have to point out that Ron Livingston was totally amazing in the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers.”

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