Little Victories: Whenever I buy pantyhose, I automatically just reach for the largest size available. I’m tall and that’s the only way to get a pair where the crotch doesn’t end up around my knees. This morning I was opening up a new box when the sizing chart on the back caught my eye. You know what these look like, right ladies? With height on one axis and weight on the other, and colored squares in between to indicate the sizes? I assumed that I’d be smack in the middle of size 2, which is what I’d bought. When I actually traced my height and weight though, I found myself square in size 1! I actually had the Snook re-calculate my height and weight in metric so I could be sure of it. It’s a trivial accomplishment, but it sure felt good. What’s your little victory of the day?


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  1. My victory of the day? Having the strength to say “NO!!!” to that big bag of peanut butter chocolate chip Chips Ahoy that was waved under my nose.

    [homer] Mmmmm…. Doughnut. [/homer]

    Yup. I am doing Induction. Again. I think it’s harder this time around.

  2. Oh man. I’d have failed that big time. Yeah, I’m doing induction again myself. I’m always doing it, it seems. The problem is that if I give in to temptation at all, my evil brain decides that the rest of the day is shot and that I should just continue to gorge on carbs before starting over the next day. Hence eating fifteen dumplings last weekend. I figure it should be easy this weekend, what with all the moving and all.

  3. my little victory of the day was overcoming my urge to shoot the 10-something garbage man the finger on the two occasions (separated by at least 15 minutes and several blocks) i caught him leering while i was walking Cleo this morning. i should remember to just jam my index up my nose whenever i get the impulse to whip out the middle. or maybe sniff my armpits. or belch. loudly. that’ll teach ’em that it isn’t polite to stare.

  4. oops—make that 20-something. the image of a 10-something guy checking me out is way too disturbing.

  5. Not to mention a 10-year-old garbage man! I was thinking that the economy sure must be getting bad over there… 🙂

  6. my victory today? the fact that i managed to get up for a (gasp!) 6 a.m. run (though must confess it’s down to finding a running partner — my victory would have been a defeat if i were only letting myself down at that hour!) And luckily managed to avoid any 10-something or 20-something leering garbage men en route…

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