I took the Real Age Test and discovered that although I am 26.5 in calendar years, I am 24.8 in terms of my “real age”. I don’t think that’s quite right, though. I took a huge hit on the nutrition section since it didn’t view healthiness from at Atkins perspective. (Too much meat and not enough breads and fruits, I guess, although I did get max points for vegetables.) I do think I need to get some variety back in my gym routine. All I do now is running and I guess some weight training would be beneficial. Fortunately I’ve got some sessions with a personal trainer coming up (I had to upgrade my gym membership when transferring it to a location near my new flat) so maybe they can help me plan a routine. (Real Age link courtesy of Kristen. If you do it, I advise entering a junk e-mail address and checking “no” to their many spam requests.)


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  1. Cronological age, 24.8. Real age 30.9. How depressing. I was cruising along nicely at about 24 until the smoking questions came along. Then the drinking questions. Then the excercise questions…

  2. Chronological 31.1, “Real Age” 22.0! I swear I answered honestly–they must not take off points for hair loss, and the lack of a “how much ice cream do you eat in a week?” question was working in my favor. 🙂

    All kidding aside, I know for a fact that I’m 1000% healthier today than I was at 22, so maybe there’s something to it.

  3. i wonder if it is ‘easier’ for guys to score lower ages on the real age test? mark came in at a mere 18 years old, even though our diets, drinking and exercise habits are very similar, whereas i came in at 23.3. hrm.

  4. 22?? No way! Maybe it’s like when they “recentered” the SATs a few years back. Men have shorter life expectancies anyway, so they get a few years subtracted to make an even comparison with us girls. Well, except that Steve pretty much blows that theory out of the water… 🙂

  5. This probably wont surprise ya but I came in at 31.1 Must be clean living, yeah thats probably it. 🙂

  6. My Dad got 31? You must’ve cheated. You’re a chunker!

    The Snook also scored less than me, despite never exercising. He also mentioned that there were some specific questions – like about how often you ate tomatoes – that were just for men. (It has something to do with your prostate, apparently.)

  7. Chrono age 30.8, “real” age 25.1. I had taken this test 4 years ago (it even remembered some of the answers). I didn’t do the detailed nutritional analysis.

  8. Cheated? Me? Come on now ya gotta admit do I look or act like Im….ummmm….ahhh….the age that I am. 🙂 Ahhh maybe ya better forget the looking part, wouldnt want ta press my luck.

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