Skittlebrau. The Snook is gonna love this.


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  1. Other alternative for brew and sweets that the Snook might find more appealing (at least it sounds less gross to me): stout and ice cream. Like a root beer float, but dreamier (or at least so says a friend of mine; I don’t like to mix beer and candy if I can help it; 2 great things that don’t go great together).

  2. the one stout float i tried back in my seattle days wasn’t as tasty as i’d hoped…it might be better with a porter. 🙂

  3. Blackhook porter made with Starbucks espresso…

  4. and we have a winner!

  5. That *sounds* good… but I have an aversion to adding stuff to my stout. I just shudder every time I remember St. Patrick’s Day ’98 in London, with all of the girls in our group drinking Guinness WITH BLACKCURRANT. It was purple and disgusting. I’ve had my Guinness unadulterated ever since.

  6. i also don’t get the whole Irish Car Bomb thing—why waste a perfectly good Guinness by dropping a shot [of Bailey’s or whiskey] in it and then chugging it? or more to the point, why chug Guinness? it’s just not right.

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