Apparently that niece of Dubya’s, the one with the crush on Prince William, has launched a new career as a catwalk model. Whatever.


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  1. “OMG you are *totally* so much cuter than she is!”

    seriously, models have got to be as interesting as a box of hair. cindy crawford was supposedly smart–how the hell did she deal with a job that boring! oh *right* she did have other projects…like singing in that soda commercial and acting in that $#!+-@$$ movie with what’s-his-name.

    (really, i can’t remember…was he a baldwin? funny thing…i initially wrote “shat’s-his-name.”)

  2. It was William Baldwin. I just looked up ol’ Cindy on the IMDb. She’s got a really, uh, interesting filmography. I mean, who knew she was in “The Secret of My Succe$s”? I’ve seen that movie at least four times. And hello? Cindy was on “Days of our Lives”? I don’t deserve to call myself a fan.
    Thanks for the flattery, by the way. Wills would *totally* pick me, I just know it, if it weren’t for the great cosmic forces keeping us apart. Ours would have been a great love affair…

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