RIP Johnny Cash and John Ritter. The Snook and I were watching the news last night when we got the jaw-dropping news about Cash. Snookums has called a special meeting of his “Guinness Club” at the pub tonight to drink some beer and mourn the man in black. I didn’t hear about Ritter til I read it on Max’s site this morning. So sad. Remember when he played “Ted” on Buffy?

Sidenote: Did anyone else do a double-take on the quote from Bono in that Johnny Cash article? “I considered myself a friend, he considered me a fan – he indulged me.” Either Bono or the BBC messed up the quote, or Bono rather hilariously misunderstood his relationship with Cash.

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  1. Funny, my first thought was of the Buffy cast. I’ve heard interviews with all of them, BVS cast and Ritter, talking about what an awesome experience it was, how fun, etc. He really liked the show, and they really like working with him. (You’d think the tumble down the stairs on the BVS set would’ve brought a heart condition to light.) NPR played some of Ritter as “Clifford the Big Red Dog” during their bio of him, and it seemed so much sadder somehow. Then I flashed on to the Three’s Company special retrospective show with Lucille Ball. She talked about how much she liked Ritter and “Jack” and how much she loved the show…again, it made me sadder. It is such a shock.

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