The Snook and I just got back from finally seeing that pirate movie. As we’d been eagerly awaiting its arrival in Australia for, oh, four months, it was probably inevitable that we’d be let down a little bit. Eh, I dunno. It was enjoyable and two hours of watching Johnny Depp are never misspent, but somehow it just didn’t buckle my swash the way I expected it to. A lot of people said they felt it ran too long, which might be part of it, but what I noticed the most was a lack of surprise. I wanted something to happen, anything that I hadn’t already seen coming miles away. It felt like I’d already seen every good bit in the trailer. I’m also annoyed because I spent the whole film waiting for Johnny to say the line from the trailer about “bloodthirsty pirates that cannot be killed”, and he never did! I hate it when they do that. Orlando was good but he’s always so deathly serious. He never plays characters with any sense of humor. I end up giggling at his romantic lines when I should be swooning. And lastly, sorry boys, but Keira Knightley failed to impress. She’s got great hair, but her upper lip is bigger than her lower one! Am I the only one that thought that was weird?


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  1. and will you be partaking in Talk Like A Pirate Day?

  2. Heh. I’ve actually got an eyepatch that I bought in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift store at Disneyland Paris, so I’m all set. 🙂

  3. Very true, all that. I found a little article about him where he talked *again* about how Johnny Depp ‘morphs into his character.’ He’s not ‘constrained by his cheekbone structure.’ Why can’t the pretty boys learn that we can still take them seriously as actors if they look pretty? It’s apparently quite a burden.

  4. all the cool people went to see ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ over the weekend ;o)

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