Don’t forget, Aussies! Tonight at 6:00 the ABC begins showing every single episode of Dr. Who. Our VCR is set. Is yours?


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  1. Lucky bastards.

  2. Actually as the Snook will probably be backing them up onto VCD once we get our fake-Tivo working, we may be able to hook you up with copies…

  3. Ack!! Yes! You must hook me! I haven’t been able to see any episodes in years. The PBS stations here don’t carry Dr. Who.

  4. Well, not that I know anyone who does this or anything, but if you go on Usenet and look in certain newsgroups, people often post full length ripped episodes and stories. You can get newsreaders that help reassemble the downloaded binaries into their original forms. It’s possible to amass quite a collection… I’m told. (But otherwise, yeah, we’ll hook you up. 🙂 )

  5. Hurray! Thanks so much, Kris! Let me know how much you’d like for supplies & shipping when y’all get around to ripping everything. 🙂

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