I just saw this fluff piece on “buttock augmentation” and was merrily skimming through it when I hit the bit where they describe exactly how the procedure is performed. Lordy! No pictures, but I’m never going to be able to get the mental images out of my head. And the scars are down your…!


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  1. It only mentions women–surely there are some guys out there who want their jeans to fit better “in the back” (my mom’s used-during-pants-shopping euphemism for the ass). What about that hilarious guy who won Fear Factor last spring and said his winning were going toward butt implants? He’s a real hero in my book.

  2. Actually, now that you mention it most of the ass-challenged people I’ve seen have been men. My brother, who is otherwise good-looking in an Andy-Roddick sort of way, has no ass of which to speak. Neither does the Snook.

  3. and yet, when it really comes down to it, are any of us actually going to kick a potential love interest to the curb because of a dearth in the @$$ dept.? i guess i should be happy that my abundant (air quotes?) personality made up for what i lack “in the back.” i guess god tried to compensate “in the front” …A for effort and all that. 😉

    and FWIW, few men have an ass. that is all. 🙂

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