The Top 11 Strangest Star Wars Action Figures. I actually don’t own a single Star Wars action figure, if you can believe it. What I wouldn’t give for the mythical RocketFett! (Link courtesy of Matt.)


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  1. Yeah, not only do I own every one of those, but they’re all right here in this NYC apartment (although most are in the closet.) Yep, fanboy.

  2. I’ve got Bossk! I also would add IG-88 (another of the bounty hunters seen for

  3. Since I feel strangely compelled to prove my Star Wars geekiness in the face of not-owning-any-action-figures, I’d just like to add that we do have a life-size Boba Fett helmet, a complete set of Episode 1 Beanie Babies, and the action figure encyclopedia. And I’ve actually read the “Tales of the Bounty Hunters” novel. *wince* Maybe that was an overshare…

  4. Kris, you’re disadvantaged by your age when it comes to owning action figures. Those of us in our early 30’s were old enough to see the original films when they first came out and yet young enough to play with action figures in the late 70’s when they were first sold. Since I was a kid when I owned (past tense) action figures, I don’t have them today (all removable parts were lost, heads popped off, etc then they eventually went the way of yard sales).

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