Via the ‘FilterThe Most Phallic Building in the World. While I haven’t been to Ypsilanti to see the winner, I’m happy to report that the Snook and I did notice the Best Uncircumcised Building in the World when we were in London in July. (I believe his actual phrase was: “Hey, what’s that new big silvery gherkin-looking thing over there?”) We also have a good giggle everytime we visit Chicago and spot this building. My lesbian friends will be gratified to know that they’re not the only ones to spot the resemblance!

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  1. The Snook offers this building as his vote for the title in Australia.

  2. Yes, I work in the Smurfit-Stone building and I’m sitting in it right now. We’ve noticed the similarity. I’m going to check out the history…

  3. more girlie parts: seattle’s blue flame, which has apparently been long since taken down. i’m so out of the loop.

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