Trivia Update: Eh, we sucked tonight. Your questions: Name the five categories of sport that make up the modern pentathlon. Which two countries have one word names that end in “M”? Who played Radar O’Reilly on MASH? Who originally sang “Psycho Killer”? Used before SOS, what do the letters CQD stand for? We missed all of those but the last one.


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  1. Gary Burghoff played Radar, and that’s all I know…I would have been NO help at trivia night.

  2. i had this modern pentathlon one once at a pub quiz in berkley, and i remember the sports were WEIRD… maybe horse riding, shooting, running, swimming, and fencing??? psycho killer is the cure, right? the M thing – is surinam a country? vietnam? hmmmmmm… siam? who knows…? oooh, GUAM!

  3. hmm, if you were on the titanic, maybe Come Quickly, Dammit?

  4. Tough questions–I’m beating myself up with a map at hand. Vietnam, definitely. Suriname ends with an ‘e’ . Siam is the former name of Thailand, so I’m assuming it doesn’t count. No dice on Guam–it’s a U.S. territory, not a country. Aha, just got it–Belgium!

  5. I think the pentathalon is all track and field events, so I’m guessing the events are: long jump, pole vault, javelin (sp?), 100 yd run, and a slightly longer run (1000 yds?).

    I don’t have a clue as to the others.

  6. I wouldnt have been much help either.
    Psycho Killer is by Talking Heads. That’s about it.
    You said you got the last one, so what was it?

  7. Kel was actually right on the pentathlon. We had all of them but “equestrian”. The countries are indeed Vietnam and Belgium. Radar was Gary Burghoff. (I was kicking myself over that one.) Psycho Killer was the Talking Heads (although I prefer the Barenaked Ladies’ wicked cover). And you were *almost* right, Robert! We guessed and got it: “Come Quickly Distress.” Actually Rodd and Steve got it; I was convinced it was Latin. But good work to everyone else!

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