Eeek! I got a letter yesterday from Tapestry Craft, which is the big knitting shop in Sydney. Check this out:

“Having come highly recommended to us by Liz Gemmell, Albert Morris, our manager, would like to offer your a teaching position in future classes. If you’re interested please contact us.”

How friggin’ cool is that? Liz Gemmell is a famous Aussie designer and knitting teacher. I had a class with her back in August and I guess I made an impression! (To be honest I didn’t learn much in the class, as the other three students didn’t know much at all. None of them had ever even thought to get a knitting book! I spent the whole time feeling like a suck-up and knitting ahead to provide examples for Liz.)

Anyway, I just talked to Albert on the phone and we’re going to meet up this weekend. It’s getting to the end of the season here (summer’s coming!) so most likely I wouldn’t do anything til next year. I’m excited though! I had a go at teaching my sister and cousin to knit while I was home and it was pretty fun. I’d love to teach a group of beginners and get them all fired up!


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  1. Glad to see that 4 yrs at ND finally paying off. 🙂

  2. Sorry I couldnt resist, ya know how I like to tease ya.

  3. How fun! Go for it, Kris!

  4. You just ruined your chance for a sweater, DAD! 🙂

    Thanks Moire. I think it’ll be fun…

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