Like Matt, I read through this list of The Top 50 Most Common Used CDs feeling smug about not owning any of them. Then I hit the top five and stopped smiling. Ouch. I own all of those, plus a few more in the top ten. Shut up! Belly was really good, okay?


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  1. i only have the REM CD. and i still maintain that Monster is a good CD. so *phtttttp!* to pitchforkmedia.

  2. Unfortunately I rather agreed with their assessment. It’s probably my *least* favorite REM CD… but that said, even the worst REM is better than a lot of other bands’ best, right?

  3. I chalked up three. (OK, I used to own ‘Monster’ but lost it and didn’t feel like replacing it just for Bang and Blame.)
    Where, I ask, is Hootie’s ‘Cracked Rear View’? I was expecting that to be in the top five and was disappointed to not see it at all.

  4. proudly, i have all of the top 5 EXCEPT monster and 17 of the top 25 (not too many from 26-50, though). however, this doesn’t have too much to do w/ the actual quality of the CDs, right? it’s just that they were sold en masse and people don’t like them anymore…? dada’s puzzle is one of my all-time faves. and who doesn’t love ned’s?? also, that website (pitchforkmedia) is my fave place to go for new music reviews.

    p.s. music recommendation for ya: the postal service (death cab’s lead singer). download “the district sleeps alone tonight,” “such great heights,” and “brand new colony”

  5. i only have two currently in my collection (35 & 1, the latter of which i bought for a buck but haven’t listened to once) but have owned four more (10/9/8/6) at one point or another.

  6. I bought Veruca Salt only a few years ago. But it was used when I bought it. Does that make it any better?

  7. I think if you read the intro, Jeff, he says he’s going to omit mega-platinum releases because he didn’t feel like writing about Hootie and Matchbox 20. 🙂

  8. Yup. The only one on that list that I owned was “Monster.” And I still like it a great deal.

  9. Oh, and Kel… I like The Postal Service a lot. It’s been on my “CDs You Must Buy” list for about a month now.

  10. I listened to Monster all the way to work today. Maybe I was a little harsh on it. “What’s the Frequency Kenneth” is still a damn good song. “Strange Currencies” is another favorite. I think my main problem is that lot of the songs sound so similar. I remember reading an interview with the band when it came out and they flat out said, “Yeah, it’s just a big dumb rock record.” Which it really is, and that’s okay. I can’t say I blame Peter for wanting to bust out the electric reverb after he’d been playing the stupid mandolin for the past two albums.

  11. I’ve never even heard of those CDs, much less own any of them. I’ve barely even heard of any of the bands! Am I from a different era or something? I think the list is just bunk.

  12. Dan – what year were you born and what country are you from? the majority of the bands and albums featured on the site appear to be from the late 80’s/first half of the 90’s, and they are also albums found in second hand shops in the US – thus reflecting predominantly US music tastes. in other words, if you’re under the age of 20, and/or living outside the US, it’s entirely likely the list would mean nothing to you. :o)

  13. kris, belly was a really good band, and i still listen to their albums proudly!

  14. It might be sophomoric to say so, but a) are these really 50 of the most common used CDs, or just an excuse for Chris Ott to show the world what exquisite taste and judgment he has? And b) I can never help thinking, whenever I read something like this: “Okay, those bands might mostly be crap, but at least they got signed up – where’s YOUR recording contract, Mr Perfect?”

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