I am getting more and more intrigued with the Dulux commercials. Tonight the Snook and I saw the “blue” version, which features the same song but a different plot. I immediately cried out: “Hey, it’s the cheating housewife from the King Gee ads! She’s having the electrician’s baby! What a hootchie!”; while the Snook pondered: “Um, why is this ad a complete ripoff of Three Colors – Blue? Is it supposed to be an homage? That’s the same chandelier Juliette Binoche had in the film.” I think it’s obvious where the high culture and the low culture lie in our relationship. 🙂


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  1. huh? i must have missed something major going on in the ing gee commercials! the last one i saw involved the best friend telling the wife that she had to be careful with her husband’s shorts… now she’s having his frigging baby? what did i miss? 🙂

  2. Hahaha. I just meant that it’s the same actress, and in the commercial there’s a scene where she’s having an ultrasound. My mind made connections that shouldn’t have been made. 🙂

    (Although – what is up with those King Gee commercials anyway? It’s like a mini-drama. They’re worse than the old “Taster’s Choice” ones. At least those had something to do with coffee. I don’t think marital breakdown and adultery are concepts you necessarily want to have associated with your clothing.)

  3. taster’s choice… they were the commercials that giles made before buffy, right? we never got them over here but we did our own version – gillian and roy for nescafe. cue the panflute music as gillian moves to a small country town and falls slowly in love with the general shopkeeper…

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