Trivia Update: We sucked big time. And Comic Book Guy’s team won again! We think they cheat. I did manage to win us a bonus jug of beer for knowing the actress that starred opposite Harrison Ford in Temple of Doom, and my number got drawn in the joker poker. (I won a calculator.) We came soooo close to winning the $900 jackpot. I knew the author that collaborated with Stephen King on The Talisman and the Snook knew the first town in Italy to host the Winter Olympics. (Thank you, Amazing Race!) We blew it on Buddy Holly’s only hit in Australia after his death. Anyway, your other questions for the day are:

  • Which five letters of the alphabet most frequently appear in written English?
  • Which three countries in Asia start with the letter “A”?
  • Name the six British monarchs of the 20th century.
  • Name the five James Bond movies with one-word titles.

Good luck!


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  1. temple of doom = spielberg’s wifey cate capshaw

    five letters = a,e,i,o,u? ahh, maybe put s or t in there instead of u.

    james bond = goldfinger, octopussy, thunderball, gondeneye (i think that was one word), and ???

  2. 6 monarchs: Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VII, George VI, Elizabeth II.

  3. You’ve got Edward VII in there twice, but I’ll give you that one, John. 🙂

    Correct on the Bonds.

    The letters are “a e t o n”. We totally flubbed that one based on my belief that the letters they give you in the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune are somehow statistically relevant.

  4. huh, I really thought ‘s’ would have been in there.
    go figure.

    on the Comic Book Guy cheating…are you allowed to take mobile phones into the game? Could one of them be cheating like that?

  5. yeah, i can’t believe s wouldn’t be in there before n. i mean, almost all plurals use it! plus, it’s pretty common in other words, too. hmmmmmm.

  6. Well, it’s in the pub, so it’s hard to tell who’s SMSing their mates and who’s using their WAP phone to look up the answers. The quizmaster tries to watch out for it, but Comic Book Guy’s team always sits in the front corner where they can’t be easily watched or overheard.

    Yeah, I couldn’t believe the letters. “S” feels like it should definitely be in there.

    Oh, and Kel was right with Kate Capshaw too.

  7. Asian countries that start with an ‘a’: Afghanistan, Azerbijan (sp?) and…and….I can’t think of a third. It’s not Australia is it? Australia is part of Australasia, but I don’t think it qualifies as Asia.

  8. Not Australia. This was a hard one because everybody’s got a slightly different idea of what’s included in Asia. Here’s a hint: the third one shares a border (and fights a lot) with one of the ones you’ve already mentioned.

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