Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban teaser trailer is now available! I grabbed the lowest-quality version this morning before work (it’s about 5MB) and even that looks good. I audibly gasped when I realized I was looking at a Dementor. The Snook was like, “Ooh, what are the scary black things?” Poor boy; he hasn’t read the books and he’s got no idea. I don’t want to spoil him for this one at all. Only seven months to go!


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  1. ooooooh! It looks so good! But did anyone else notice that it looks like there’s a hefty wind blowing in every picture? It’s like a pantene commercial in the stills.

  2. Can’t wait! That one’s still my favorite book, with #5 then #4 trailing closely behind. Naturally they only give a teaser of the dementors… I’ll be happy as long as they look better than Dobby.

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