Last night I saw promos for two more American shows that will be starting here soon: Extreme Makeover and The O.C.. Are either of them worth watching?


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  1. Extreme Makeover is good but a little graphic sometimes with the surgery and all–and because the “storyline” stays the same each week, it gets old fast. Catch a few episodes, though, just to have a look.

    I hate that I didn’t start watching The O.C. when it started over here…I just couldn’t invest in another hour of drama. I think it has some rabid fans, though–and even some critics have said that’s it’s pretty good for a teen soap. And, of course, my students LOVE it. 🙂

  2. The O.C. is a really good show. Adam Brody is hilarious. Extreme Makeover is good. Amazing what they can do. I like to watch it with my DVR. I fast forward through all the middle and just get to the end result.

  3. Yeah – OC ROCKS! It’s just like how Buffy started with me (and also my addiction to old 90210 eps) – I wanted to hate it, but just couldn’t make myself turn the channel. Now it’s totally a guilty indulgence…(the characters SO do not look like high school kids! I love that.)

    EM is okay – the makeovers *are* amazing, but you can only see so many nose jobs and straightened, whitened teeth. Oh, and boob jobs, too. It gets old quick.

    Ooh, one of my newest fave shows (that I like to make fun of myself for liking) is “Joan of Arcadia.” HA! Not sure what you would think of it, Kris. It’s this 21st century Joan of Arc storyline except Joan is in high school and the first time she sees God, he’s in the form of this hottie. Later, the cafeteria worker, etc. I think it’s funny – doubt it will make it Down Under, though. Joan’s mom is Mary Steenburgen, and though I usually stay away from her (with the exception of WEGG)…the show is otherwise entertaining. (Some of the acting is such crap!) 🙂

  4. Ooooooo…love love love the OC. It’s a guilty pleasure. Very 90210 early on – remember when Brenda decided to go ‘all the way’ w/ Dylan? Oh yeah, it’s that good 🙂

  5. what does ‘OC’ stand for?

  6. I think it’s supposed to stand for “Orange County.” That’s what I got from the stupid promos, where the dramatic announcer’s like, “Everyone else calls it Orange County, but to them it’s just the O.C.”

    All you ravers – Is there anyone as hot as Joshua Jackson in it? Because I really don’t know if I can commit to another teen soap unless it has a Pacey in it. 🙂

  7. Adam Brody’s got the same personality – sarcasm, humor, sarcasm. And yes, I’ll say hot, but I’m not yet sure if he can hold a candle to Pacey.

    Although it is fun to see just how many wifebeaters ‘Ryan’ can wear per episode.

  8. Tossing my 2 cents into the ring, I’d say The O.C. is definitely worth watching. It’s my new favorite bad TV, as I explained in greater detail in a recent post here. I don’t think it should be too spoilery for you; mostly I complain about how godawful the recaps for it at TWoP are.

    I started watching because I was a big Adam Brody fan from his stint on Gilmore Girls. Boy’s got a way with line delivery that makes the show. And Mischa Barton is such a bad actress, she has replaced Dawson as my favorite punching bag.
    Seriously, bad stuff, but in the best way.

  9. Awesome review, Nora. That definitely makes me want to watch it. I’m disappointed in the TWoP reviews though, if they’re as bad as you say they are. My attitude towards them (that you read to mock and have your opinion justified) is exactly the same as yours, so it’s weird that they should mess this one up.

    Did I also mention that we’re getting American Idol 3 here in January? Yeah, they expect us to watch it even though we can’t vote. And the sad thing is, I probably will…

  10. Yeah, I’m really up in arms about the TWoP recap thing. I’d file a complaint with TPTB, but I’m far too familiar with their draconian responses to criticism. I’d be banned immediately (if they had any clue what my username was). Demian’s guest recap last week was fantastic though. The thing to do is just keep an eye out for guest recappers.

    And hee, I haven’t gotten into the whole American Idol thing. It just seems too bizarre to me. What’s the point of watching if you can’t vote? Mockage?

  11. I really love the OC! Did anyone know that Mischa is just 17, and she’s like kissing and dating a 25 year old for real life! But, everyone knows that they all are playing high-schoolers! And I think Adam is wayy cuter than Pacey! I hated Pacey when he began dating Joey, poor Dawson. . .

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