Marshall Field's Christmas Windows 2003Many thanks to my cousin Jenny for sending me photos of Marshall Field’s 2003 “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Christmas windows. I like the designs of some of the characters – the Oompa-Loompas in space helmets, especially – but overall I think I’m more a fan of the Shindelman illustrations for this particular book. Some of the windows look oddly bare to me too. (They couldn’t throw a couple two-dimensional squirrel cutouts in the Nut Room?) Thanks again, Jenny!


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  1. Those were cute. Did you notice the weirdness with the typesetting on the windows? It looks like someone came along and peeled off letters, and insome places pasted wrong-sized letters and punctuation.

  2. Yeah, I thought “Mik” Teevee was particularly glaring… I wonder if it was vandals or the guys doing the windows were just illiterate.

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