The BBC lists 50 Places to See Before You Die. I’ve seen seven of them: Florida, Sydney, New York, Venice, Paris, Rome, and Singapore. Pretty cool.


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  1. i got 12, but 5 of the top 10. i don’t really agree with the list too much, though… FLORIDA in the top 3?!?!?! come ON! also, where’s a prague/romania-type place on there? i found both places as some of the most interesting trips of my life (not to mention insanely CHEAP)…

  2. i’m at 18, with another couple lined up for a visit next year! i’ve seen most of my places in the last 5 years, since i’ve been in asia…more of an impetus to travel, perhaps? or closer and cheaper to make it to places like cambodia, honk kong, sri lanka etc.

  3. Well, if you click on the Florida link it’s pretty obvious that they mean DisneyWorld, which I definitely think should be on there somewhere. I mean, most Americans are pretty blasé about it but for everybody else, DW is a *major* destination. There’s just nothing like it anywhere else. It’s as much an American landmark as the Grand Canyon.

  4. Kris, you have to get yourself to the Great Barrier Reef. No excuses!! 🙂

  5. I will, I will! But first, in January I’m crossing a personal highlight off my Must-See Aussie List: The Big Banana!

  6. Nice one! I think you’ve had a discussion about crazy Aussie ‘big things’ before. You can’t beat the Pineapple. You actually get to climb up inside it. Have fun at the Big ‘Nana.

  7. Great list. I think I’ve only been to 10; I need to get moving!

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