Please send all positive thoughts to my brother Anthony, who’s having surgery today… Get better soon, Bruder.


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  1. nothing serious i hope…

  2. Nah, just outpatient to correct a fairly common male problem. I just hope he’s recovered in time to pig out on Thursday!

  3. Whoa! PS – That site is straight outta 1996, I swear.

  4. too funny. the site of course, not the problem (which must suck bigtime).

  5. No one tells me anyting. My best to our own little Roddick. 🙂

  6. They don’t tell me anything either! I had to call, like, six times – internationally, I might add – before I got ahold of anybody who could tell me how he was. Evidently he’s come out of it fine, though he’s in some pain now.

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