What? Apparently it’s illegal to use an iPod in Australia. You’re not legally allowed to rip from CD to an mp3. What the hell? I didn’t know that. Guess I’m breaking the law all over the place then.


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  1. I must thank you for the link, because I now know the band for the song used in the iPod commercials. It’s a great song, and I SO want an iPod, but I’m holding out for the 60GB version. I’ll get by with my filled-to-the-brim 20GB Nomad for the immediate future.

  2. Oh! It’s Jet, everybody. They’re Australian and they’re the new “Strokes” or something. I love the song too.

    Man, 60 GB is a lot, Ron! The fellow iPodder I talked to on the bus last week asked me why I didn’t have a bigger Pod myself. (Mine is only 5GB.) While we’ve got plenty of songs I could put on a bigger one, I only get about two days’ usage per battery charge out of it anyway. I figure it’s not too much hassle to load it up with new stuff every now and then. But to each his own!

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