I’m a little homesick so I’m Googling for information on my hometown back in Indiana.

Okay, those last few aren’t so nice.


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  1. I’ve been majorly homesick for a couple of weeks now, ever since they started playing Christmas music on the radio around here. The other day I spent several hours on the National Weather Service website looking at the history of Fort Wayne’s weather, and pictures from the various weather catastrophies throughout the years. I’m also back to checking Fortwayne.com every day to get my NE Indiana local news fix. I log onto homes.com to look at the price of Allen County real estate, and figure how much house I can afford if I were to move back (and take a huge cut in pay). And — probably my most embarassing admission of all — I recently subscribed to two years of Fort Wayne Magazine. I’m sure my mailwoman thinks I’m crazy.

    Sigh. I’ve seen several instances of folks like me who move to different parts of the country (or world), only to find themselves right back in Indiana again several years later. You can take the Hoosier out of Indiana, but you can never take the Indiana out of the Hoosier. Or something. ;P

  2. I just misread one of your links as “Photos of courthouse and Amish buggers”. Those Amish buggers!!

    Now all I have to do is mop up the coffee I just sprayed everywhere…

  3. Ha! Damn Amish buggers…

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