Where is Bill Watterson? Great article about the famous cartoonist behind Calvin & Hobbes who abrupty retired in 1995. Rodd and I have a few of the books and quote them fairly regularly. I always identified with that Susie Derkins…


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  1. wow—great article, kris. i remember that last comic very well as i was down in miami for the orange bowl. C&H was a much greater loss. 🙁

  2. I had a twinge of guilt reading it, knowing that I contributed to the rampant Calvin & Hobbes black market back in college. Somebody came ’round the dorm one day selling these awesome bootleg T-shirts with the ND logo on the front and Calvin and Hobbes running through the woods on the back. Underneath it said, “It’s not the destination but the journey that counts.” I’m even sorrier that I lost it. That was a great shirt.

  3. To the comment above: Yes! I had one of those long sleeve t-shirts too, same story someone came around the college dorm. I don’t have it anymore; it got old and yellowed…does anyone know where/how to get another one??

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