I was going to post something snarky about the “iPod’s dirty little secret” guys and warn y’all not to give any credit to their assertions, when Daring Fireball beat me to it. Ha!


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  1. I sorta sympathize with the dirty secret guy. For one he has good taste in music. For two I think the claims of criminal vandalism are kind of overblown. I think the graffiti response was pretty funny and I don’t think we should get all righteous about painting on posters that are plastered all over the city. And three he was just responding to what the Apple rep told him. Apple’s no saint; we know how they can be sometimes. Thankfully now there are battery solutions so that issue is moot. Now if only I could get my iBook battery replaced for less then $150.

  2. Yeah, but the $99 battery solution was up on the Apple site before they launched their little publicity campaign. You would’ve thought they’d have done *some* other research. I mean, when the local service center told me my iBook monitor was going to cost $1200 to replace, I called about four other places to confirm. Then I called back and begged to a manager. (Didn’t do me any good, but at least I checked.) I mean, sure, I can see getting righteously angry when you’re legitimately getting screwed. But getting one bad customer service rep isn’t an excuse to start a smear campaign.

    Eh, I’m just annoyed because I’ve had a couple people e-mail me saying they heard about the site and wondering if it was a reason not to buy an iPod. So despite the fact that you and I know how dealings with Apple really work (good and bad), potential Switchers are hearing nothing but what these guys say. That pisses me off.

    And lastly – in the Slashdot discussion of the site one guy mentioned that he offered to host the movie for them after their ISP cut them off. He told them he’d only do it if they linked to the Apple $99 offer so at least folks would know the truth. They agreed, he posted it, and two days (and several gigs of bandwidth later) they still hadn’t put up the link. Nor would they answer his emails. He concluded that they’re just in it for publicity and couldn’t care less about informing people about iPod service.

    Sorry, I’m ranting. It’s just that I had this argument with the Snook last week… 🙂

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