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It’s been pretty windy and stormy for the past week, and though our corn and tomatoes are loving the rain, they’ve been taking quite a battering. Do you think we should stake them upright? I’m just worried that if this wind keeps up it’ll blow all our plants over!

I just got back from the newsagent where I stood in line nervously for five minutes hoping they hadn’t sold out of today’s Daily Telegraph Lord of the Rings “Saruman” pin only to have the clerk pull out a giant bag of about a hundred and then struggle to tear it open, thus proving that I was the first nerd in the whole shopping center to actually ask for one. *cringe* And I have to go back tomorrow for Gandalf day!

Helen finally got me. I had a bunch of fake little plastic spiders out as decorations for my Halloween party and that cheeky Luna Lovegood went around hiding them in my house to scare me later. I found most of them right away (though it did take me a couple weeks to discover the one floating in the jalapeno jar at the back of the fridge). Then last night I decided to take a shower in the guest bathroom for the first time in ages. It was all steamy; I didn’t have my contacts in; and as I lifted up the bar of soap something black with many legs flipped up off the dish. My response is best left to your imagination, but I will say it’s a wonder I didn’t kill myself jumping around on the slippery tiles. Damn you, Helen! 🙂


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  1. I actually showed you that one!!! I can’t believe that you forgot. That is too funny.

  2. I know! But in my defense, I was drinking and wearing vinyl pants, which combined to throw my normally immense memory powers out of whack. Or something.

  3. You should stake the tomatoes regardless of the wind. I don’t know about the corn.

  4. and lookin’ damn HOT in those vinyl pants might I add…

  5. Oh My God! I’m sorry! I thought you’d have seen them before you were nekkid and soapy! If it is any consolation, it is my worst fear to be injured or killed in some freak accident in the shower, so I feel really bad about you not findng it untill then, and for giving you a fright. The one I put in the shower was the one I did with Amy and I was running around afterwards looking cheeky and saying “NOTHING!”.
    The Jalapeno one was hilarious. I think the Snook saw me put it in but he was too polite to ask!
    I wouldn’t stake your corn, it should survive, but like Tricia said, stake your tomatoes always. I’ve been pinching the flowers off my tiny tims in the hope that the plant will take off a bit before it fruits so it will grow more tomatoes. I feel terrible about it!

  6. It’s okay, Helen. It was pretty funny, actually. 🙂

    My mom agreed with everybody about the stakes, so we picked some up at Kmart tonight. Our tomato plants are only for cherry tomatoes but we’ll prop them up anyways. We’re probably going to do the corn too, just in case. Can’t hurt!

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