Things fall apart… the center does not hold.
I’m speaking of underwear, of course. It has recently come to my attention that all my underwear is falling apart (except for Hello Kitty, of course). Just about everything I have was purchased at Marks & Spencer on arriving in the UK four years ago, and four years is apparently the threshold at which M&S smalls start to disintegrate. Thus I found myself staring glumly at the lingerie department in Kmart yesterday. I hate shopping for that stuff. In desperation I went with the only brand name I recognized… Bonds. To my surprise, everything fitted well and looked nice. And hey, it’s all new and supportive and cute! And, oh, how nice it is to not have a wonky underwire digging into your armpit! I happily pranced out of the dressing room and dropped $80 on undergarments. Now I’m sitting here in 100% cotton comfort. I feel my overall outlook on life improving. Perhaps I should sell this as a self-improvement strategy…


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  1. I am of the view that you should think of underwear as disposable. Especially if you’re a girl. 6 months is good. For guys it’s easy because our underwear literally disintegrates after that time. 4 years is extreme. I don’t even have blue jeans that have survived that long.

  2. Well, one factor is that I have a *lot* of underwear, so it’s not like this stuff has been on extremely heavy rotation. I bought tons of it in London because it was cheap and doing laundry was expensive. The Snook, as a typical guy, only has, like, ten pairs, so his has a much shorter shelf life than mine.

  3. I *heart* Bonds boycut undies.

  4. Ooh, I didn’t try the boycut. They looked risky. Maybe I’ll take the plunge…

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