Absolut Vanilia + Diet Coke = Everything I Dreamed It Would Be

Absolut Vanilia + Diet Coke = Everything I Dreamed It Would Be.


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  1. Just in case I forget to come back before the 25th 😉

    Everyone have a funktastic Xmas!!!!

    Good luck with the run, Amy!

    Also like the nice snoflakes on the site, Kris 🙂 So calming …ahhhh…

  2. Awww, thanks Ferret!

  3. that’s so funny, because The Mister and i have been drinking Coke + Stoli Vanil ourselves lately. he also had a cranilla martini one night that was pretty dang good (if a little girly looking).

  4. How does vanilla vodka and cola compare with vodka and vanilla cola?

  5. I prefer the former, simply because I can’t find cases of Diet Vanilla Coke and buying it by the bottle is a pain in the ass. So getting the plain coke and adding the vanilla is much better. 🙂

    But I think taste-wise they’re pretty similar. As I exclaimed to the Snook last night, “This tastes just like Vanilla Diet Coke with vodka in it!”

  6. i thought of you last night, kris, as i mixed up a V&C at home. 🙂

  7. Did you only just discover this? I knew about this when you interviewed me at ND. Was introduced to it by a girlfriend who lived in Micihigan.

    Oh yeah it works just as well with normal Vodka and Vannilla coke, probably cheaper too!

  8. I knew it existed but I hadn’t been able to find it over here. In fact, every liquor store clerk looked at me like I was insane. Finally the Snook found some! 🙂

  9. Absolut Vanilla is SOOOO much better than the Stoli Vanilla. Hey, have you verified that it has no carbs for sure? I could never get any nutritional info from the damn crazy Absolut site when I was on the Ats, and some Low Carb message boards said that the flavored Stoli vodkas had lots (who can believe them, though). Anyway, do you know anything? I might try the low carb thang again after the holiday weight gain… it’s one of my fave drinks EVER, yum!

    Also, I thought of you this past week b/c I was in Hawaii (Maui, so I missed Amy’s marathon) and on a bike trip down a volcano w/ some Aussie folks. It was the day Saddam was caught, so we were talking politics, and I mentioned John Howard and they were amazed that I knew who your PM was (you know how stupid we Americans usually are). It’s kind of cheating, though, since it’s super easy for me to remember b/c you live there and your name’s Howard. Anyway, good job, last name, you!

  10. Aww, glad I could help!

    I don’t know about the vodka, to be honest. If the Stoli has carbs, it’s probably because it uses some kind of flavored syrup to get the vanilla flavor. I don’t remember exactly the Absolut ingredients – I’ll check when I get home – but I’m pretty sure it’s the “infused” kind, where they just put vanilla pods in it and don’t add any sugar. (Rodd tells me we can also make our own that way, but I’m lazy.) I’ll check when I get home. At any rate, spirits aren’t really carbs but they aren’t the healthiest things for you either. According to Dr. A, alcohol gets burnt before protein so if you drink too much of it it’ll keep you from getting in ketosis.

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