iChat Works!

I noticed the other day that Stairs has his iChat name listed on his site. Nobody else I know has it and I haven’t been able to try out the Voice Chat yet. This morning I found him online and was able to have a quick chat. It worked perfectly! That same two-minute call to the UK would’ve probably cost me $5 on the telephone. Now if only I could convince my family to all get Macs… You know, in the long run it would probably actually be cheaper, considering how much I spend on my Telstra bill.


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  1. Did you know there is a good thinger on msn for voice chatting? I think there is one on aim too, but it is a bit dodgy…

  2. ps. oh, that is for aim. I’m not really hip with the cross platform audio chatty issues *shameful face*

  3. London to Oz is about as long-distance as you can get, hey? And the quality really impressed me; I’ve used it plenty for the US, but our countries are linked by so much optic cable that there’s no question of the quality being poor… great incentive for all the family to jump onboard this one 🙂

    Funny, it struck me at how American you still sound; for some reason I’d imagined that your accent would have been a little bastardised by your time in London and Snookville. I hope my fidelity remains if I ever move!

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