Survivor Reaction

Survivor was extremely satisfying. In fact, my voice is still a little hoarse from that magic moment when I saw “Johnny Fairplay” scrawled as only Crazy Lil can. She probably would have stood a better chance against him but I can respect her decision not to reward his behavior. And kudos to the women for finally getting their sh*t together! It’s about time. (Early in the penultimate episode I remarked to the Snook: “I sure hope you don’t have a problem with gay folks, because if these women fail to team up and vote out Burton I’m getting a sex change.”) The reunion show was mostly downhill after Sandra’s victory, I have to say. Since when does Jeff have such a big crush on “Savage”? Osten shouldn’t have even been allowed to attend. Does anyone else find Skinny Ryan sorta cute, in a nerdish way? Yeah, just me then.

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  1. i shot through the ceiling on a high when jon was voted out. i would have been devestated for weeks had that *!#*@!** got any money. i was surprised lil wasn’t the survivor though. she did have strength to make it that far. but it was priceless to see burton and hob come undone by their own unmasked arrogance.

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