World: 1, Overly-Sensitive-Feminist: 0

World: 1, Overly-Sensitive-Feminist: 0
I stood out on Abercrombie Street this morning waiting for my lift to work and bracing myself for the inevitable harrassment. You see, I wore my black skirt and boots today. They’re not salacious at all, but for some reason the sight of my bare knees seems to draw the troglodytes from their caves like flies to honey. Mentally I’d already armored myself and my middle finger was poised and ready to flip at the slightest hint of a honk or wolf whistle. I scanned the oncoming traffic trying to guess from which direction the harrasser would arrive. I debated which stinging insult would best put the smack down. There was only one problem… No one bothered me! I stood there for four traffic light changes and I didn’t get a single leer. I started to get antsy. When you mentally prepare yourself for battle, you inevitably start itchin’ for a fight. At last! My ears detected the tell-tale sounds of some Neanderthal making dog-barking noises at me. “How low can you get?” I thought as I whipped around the confront the idiot… and found myself face-to-face with a big happy golden retriever on the back of a truck. *cringe*

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  1. Mate, you’re in Aus now. They don’t care about knees 😉 In fact even if you flashed your boobs about, nobody would probably take notice.

    Though it’s up to you if you really want to test that theory… 😉

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