Gendered Gift-Giving

Gendered Gift-Giving
My boss got everybody in our department gifts today. That’s nice. All the boys got bottles of booze and I got a designer sushi plate. That’s not so nice. I mean, the plate itself is pretty and I’ll put candles on it or something, but why the disparity? After a year, does he really know me so little as to think I’d appreciate homewares over a bottle of champagne? He might as well have given the guys Hot Wheels cars and the girls Barbies. I guess I should count myself lucky; it could’ve been worse. I think I saw the girl in the next cubicle opening a shower set.


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  1. Grouch,complain,whine,bitch,did somebody forget its not the gift its the thought that counts, besides my sorry assed employer didnt give me a damn thing so if anybody has a gripe its me, ok, well, I “did” get a turkey but I figure thats because they pay me so little they didnt want me to starve and besides they couldnt find anybody else that would work for such a “poultry” amount.

  2. nice dad! hey kris, dan got a KNIFE in his secret santa gift exchange! it’s still the talk of sony. of all the things in the world one would think of to buy for dan, a KNIFE would never come up. he’s generally the most non-violent man i’ve ever met (i say “generally” because eagles games are the exception.)

  3. Har har. You’re in a comment-y mood today, Pop! I was actually very gracious when he gave me the gift, of course, and it’s a nice little plate. I’m just annoyed that he thought I’d prefer that over booze.

    Knife, huh? Rodd wants one of these.

  4. DONT BUY ONE !!!! I was talking to Santa the other day and he “may” just be bring ya one.

  5. We have one in the office, shoot everybody that comes in, I even have one at home, I think Santa may have hidden a couple of others in my garage. If I can stay awake and catch him when he comes Christmas eve I will ask him to drop one off when he makes the rounds down under, course if I “happen” to miss him it will have to be sent postal so it may be a little longer. 🙂

  6. btw, have you heard of dad’s involvement with this black market toy ring?

  7. Ugh, I thought I taught you guys better than that? Sheesh, my boss gave me a $15 Walmart gift card and I felt so bad cause I didn’t give him anything! (Of course the company gave us our turkey too). Ya’ll should be ashamed. You could be working for Jayco. They canceled their Christmas dinner (that’s been like a 100 year tradition) and no turkey this year! (Gosh, I just realized they didn’t even give calendars, now what the heck am I going to hang next to the back door, kids!) Now that’s cheap. Guess we should be thankful Joe still has a job, huh?

  8. Ack! Everybody thinks I sound selfish or something! For the record, I’ve given this guy LOTS of presents. I knit a sweater for his newborn baby, for goodness’ sake! So I’m not being ungrateful, okay? I just wish he had treated me like one of the guys instead of one of the girls.

  9. did Snooks get one of those airzooka thingos? Are they as cool as they seem on TV? I’m thinking the cat will get a kick out of it.

  10. Not yet, but Dad’s apparently got a stockpile of them in his garage and he’s going to send us one. The reviews of it all sound pretty cool though!

  11. I have an orange one of them picked out just for Rodd.

  12. I got given a bible. Beat that!

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