Mad Cow in the US

Hmmm, the US is reporting its first case of mad cow disease. I wonder if this means that they’ll eventually drop the restrictions on donating blood for people who’ve lived in the UK…?

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  1. Can you say “venison”? Yep you betcha got mine in the freezer, ya baby.

  2. Wait, did you get a deer? Damn, I wish you could send us some summer sausage!

  3. Yep sure did, got 6 sticks of summer sausage along with everything else. Some cheese, crackers, summer sausage and a tall cold one, dosent get any better. Your brother has been hittin it pretty hard. When I (hopefully) get off work early today, Deb and Ron are coming over tonight for X-mas eve dinner, your brother is gonna deep fry a turkey, he’s got some cajun stuff he’s gonna inject in it before cooking. It should be interesting. I’ll keep ya posted.

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