Christmas Monkeys

Eames and the sock monkeysAt long last I can reveal that the surprise sock monkey I made earlier this month was commissioned by Matt of Scrubbles for his partner Christopher. They sent me this cute picture of their two sock monkeys reunited along with their kitty Eames. (Incidentally, Eames is the main character in a children’s book that the two of them wrote together. Christopher and Matt, that is. Not the monkeys.)

Oh, and by the way? I’m loving that quilt. Hmmm, perhaps my quilting energy is returning…


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  1. p.s. MS was up on that state-bird pattern a few issues ago, only i believe she was embroidering them on curtains and tablecloths and stuff. i think i’ve still got the patterns if you want…

  2. Thanks again for making that sock monkey! My grandma made that quilt and gave it to us recently. It was done so long ago that it has only 48 state bird/flower squares.

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