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World Idol Reaction
In case you can’t tell from CouchCam, we’ve again borrowed a projector from work so our living room is reversed. Tonight we used this impressive setup of thousands of dollars worth of technology… to watch World Idol, of course. Why should the eleven judges have all the fun? Read on for criticism from the Snook and myself.Alex from Poland:
Kris: Bad song choice. She really should have gone for the crazy foreign girl Kylie/Shakira angle. Plus, hello? She has braces.
Snook: I thought she was very cute and she should have done a pop number. That’s what she did in the clip package and it looked like that suited her much better.

Alexander from Germany:
Snook: Lame!
Kris: I lived in Germany, and that, sir, is German pop music. He looks like an aerobics instructor.

Diana from Pan Arabia (or whatever):
Snook: That was just a bit bizarre. I’m sure she should be very popular in Iran. Or probably not, since she didn’t wear a thing on her head. The newly liberated people of Iraq will find her uplifting, I’m sure.
Kris: I liked her. I don’t know what she was singing about, but I respect the hell out of her for not giving in to the Western Diva Impulse.

Guy from Australia:
Kris: I really liked that arrangement. I wonder if he’s cashing in on all the Dulux song popularity? 🙂
Snook: Yeeeeeah, I like it. I think he sounds good.

Heinz from South Africa:
Snook: Just looked like your average, full-of-himself South African. You ever seen a South African? They grin too much. They’re like, “Hey, look at me!”
Kris: He’s super cute though. To me he looked like Josh Charles as Knox Overstreet in Dead Poets Society. Definitely Tiger Beat material.

Jamai from the Netherlands:
Kris: He should be in an adventure movie, and his name would be “Tech”, and he’d be the computer nerd.
Snook: I agree with the judges. He was a bit forgettable. Not bad, just…

Kelly from USA:
Snook: Uchhhh! I hated… Terrible outfit.
Kris: Speaking of the Diva Impulse… Seriously. It’s like she went shopping with Celine Dion. Very polished performance, but I totally agree with the Canadian guy that she gets a little ragged when she shouts too much.

Kurt from Norway:
Snook: He’s got a gap you could drive a bus through! He was pretty good though. He gets the vote from us hobbitses.
Kris: Awww, I liked him. He sang like Bono without being as pretentious or ass-like as Bono. If he only lost fifteen pounds and got his teeth capped…

Peter from Belgium:
Snook: Yeah! Rockin’! Belgian beer is good.
Kris: He kicked ass. I haven’t seen anybody head bang like that in ten years. He really needs to be fronting a rock band. I’d go see him.

Ryan from Canada:
Kris: I find him ridiculously attractive in a nerdy way. He’s like Elvis Costello crossed with Buddy Holly. I like the suit, I like the glasses, I like the sideburns, I like the song. I’m givin’ him a vote. He kinda reminds me of the guy from Tripod too.
Snook: Samson and Sharkey song! I’m SMSing Major. (In Canadian accent) He ain’t heavy, eh? He was interesting.

Will from the UK:
Snook: That sucked. That was offensive. Jim Morrison is rolling over in his drug-addled grave.
Kris: He’s so weird! He just stood there… and his mannerisms… and his bad, bad mullet… Can this be the same country that produced Robbie Williams?

Final thoughts:
We both thought the Polish judge was smoking major crack but he redeemed himself with his invitation to Guy to drink vodka together. Dicko was awesome and didn’t embarrass us at all. He gave great criticism and even made a few good jokes. (Thank God Holden didn’t go.) Were there, like, four British judges on the panel? Dicko, the UK guy, Simon, and we thought maybe the Belgian judge was English too (judging by the accent). That’s a little unfair… but I guess it’s not like they were going to send Paula Abdul in Simon’s place. Simon was an ass though and his comments to Kurt about there being a lot of ugly contestants (though ostensibly true) was just about the most backhanded “compliment” I’ve ever heard in my life. At least he wasn’t too rude to Guy. GO THE FRO!


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  1. No offense to the ‘fro, but I’m gonna have to go Norway here–as I type this, it’s causing me physical pain to acknowledge that I’m not going for Will Young. If only he hadn’t sung that bongo-drum version of “Light My Fire”!

  2. I liked the guy from Norway too. And I like his gap toothed smile.
    But you know my heart is with Guy. He was by far the best over all package, a great performer, awesome voice, and a kick ass look.
    fingers crossed.

  3. I was really impressed with Ryan, Kurt, and Guy. I figured everyone else but Kelly would suck but I have to throw it out, she’s got some serious competition. Will Young was just ridiculous. I can’t figure out what everyone sees or likes about him. Can someone fill me in?

  4. *paging Max!* 🙂

    You know, I thought Will’s performance was mega-weird myself, but I’ve actually caught his song running through my head more than once in the past couple days. I don’t get it. It’s even more inexplicable considering that Pop Idol was just starting when the Snook and I left London and I was IN LOVE with Gareth. How this weirdo could’ve beat my beautiful stuttering be-dimpled Gareth is beyond me.

    At this point, I think Kurt is gonna take it. Nobody can vote for their own country and so far everybody I’ve seen seems to like him best out of “the rest.” I think Guy’s song choice really hurt his chances. I believe him though when he says that he didn’t really care about winning and just wanted to make people feel good at Christmas. But if he’d done his version of “Crazy in Love” or “When Doves Cry” there’d be no contest. The boy is *good*.

    I forgot to mention during the recap above that my favorite part of the whole World Idol show was seeing Ant and Dec again. Does anybody else agree that they’re total hobbits? I happen to be one of the, like, four people in the world that actually own their POP ALBUM from the 90’s. I fell in love with them in ’98 when I was a student in London and they hosted their silly Saturday morning show includig the segment “Wonky Donkey”. Their album is complete and utter crap though. Ahhh, I love me some Ant and Dec…

  5. Don’t worry, Kris–I’m proud to say that I have a copy “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” by Ant and Dec. And you’re right–they’re total hobbit material (isn’t it funny how that’s kind of a compliment now?). Wow, between them and Kurt, World Idol really does look like it’s being beamed to us straight from the Shire TV studios…

    As for Will, I guess it really is just a matter of taste. I think his voice is fantastic, but I can see how others might find it–and its occasional lispy-whispering quality–a tad off-putting. I think he gives off a genuine sweetness and charm, though, and that’s what makes him appealing to me. And I’m still sticking by my theory that different song choices would make all the difference for non-believers like Beau. Now Gareth, on the other hand, I find to be slightly icky (or maybe just slightly sticky–all that hair product for one man!). I liked his cover of “Spirit in the Sky,” but he’s got too much of a weirdo boy-child thing going on for my tastes. Plus, the UK tabloids are always filled with stories of his “sexcapades.” I mean, talk about images I don’t need…

    Go Kurt! 🙂

  6. I was not impressed of the World Idol contestants. There were like 200 000 people at the auditions and the 11 winners were not better than this!!?? Crazy! Except Kelly, Guy and most of all Kurt!! He also has a great band Called Fenrik Lane 🙂 Download Ebony there! He made it, it’s amazing! Merry Christmas. GO KURT!

  7. Holy Crap…”Ebony” is infact AWESOME. It’s a bit harder and more crunchy than my standard music tastes but then again, I don’t have any taste in music that is reportable. But Kurt actually rocks out in that track. Damn..when can we get the album?

  8. I read somewhere that Amazon has it as an import but you’ll pay almost as much in shipping as you do for the record… Best wait til he wins Idol and maybe we’ll get something better. 🙂

  9. to all kurt fans you have to load down hunting high and low (A-ha)

  10. I have just listen to kurt nilsens sound from the norwegian idol.What a singer i nearly take my breath away.Try hunting high and low, one or lavita loca

  11. How can those people be idols! they suck! Guy and Kurt where the only ones with any talent(oh and Kelly). Yet guy came 6th! what the hell!

  12. oh and i forgot to say Whats with all the fuss about Will Young being so great! he wouldn’t get through the first round of our idol!

  13. Calm down. Breathe. Step away from the keyboard. I have deleted your, like, twelve duplicate posts. It’s gonna be ooookay.

  14. lol so sorry i actually didn’t meanb for that to happen. soz

  15. OMG – I hate Idols and have never watched it. That was until last night and the juries were voting. Wasn’t watching really but saw this funny looking dude get max points a few times. Then of course he won and performed beautiful day – Absolutely wonderful – best thing in music for years – go Kurt!

  16. Kurt was amazing! I got the Idol DVD from Norway, he was great from the very first song. Not like the other singers that get better throughout the show, he started out great. His voice is like nothing I’ve ever heard before, but that may be because i never heard Bono sing. Kurt Nilsen was great and deserved to win World Idol. And Ebony is a really great song!

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