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Actual sweetcorn!Our Garden
Since my Dad couldn’t believe that I have actual sweetcorn growing my Australian garden, I took some pictures this weekend as proof. Things are really going nuts out there. The corn tasselled about two weeks ago and we’ve just noticed the first two baby ears of corn starting. We lost our first crop of green onions (due to an extremely hot day) but the second batch are coming along nicely. We hit the gardening store this past week to stock up on seedlings, pots, and soil. We also finally bought ourselves a hose but we try not to use it too much. Snookums even got this stinky fertilizer made from seaweed to spray on everything! Our thumbs aren’t green but they’re getting there.


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  1. wow, look at that corn! I’m so impressed.

  2. We’ll have you over for dinner after we harvest! Of course, we’ve only got two ears right now, so we’ll only get a half each… 🙂

  3. Thats so great! I grew corn once and got 2 ears! We cut it up and no one got very much. But it was exciting because it was so sweet. My neighbour told me that when you grow corn in the city, you get discoloured kernels, and there is nothing you can do about it. I got them, but it was ok. I wonder if you will? Clinton grew some corn but the ants got to it, and we had no idea how to get rid of them, and I think he has rather forgotten about his corns, but next time I’m over there I’ll pick them!
    Also, Lincrap has a large canning section, so you might be able to have a lookie next time you’re in there for your cherry tomatoes.
    How is your coriander going? Mine always goes to seed, but then, my basils are always this really unhealthy yellow colour!
    I’m rambling. Can I please be mentioned as the person who leaves the longest comments?

  4. Discoloured how, Helen? Ours is supposed to be a special “candy” variety with kernels in yellow and white. We have that one back in Indiana, too.

    I actually just found the Lincraft canning section last weekend when I was there getting more monkey stuffing. I have a feeling the Snook will steal all my jars for his horrid homebrew yeast concoctions!

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