Dryer Lint Modeling Clay

How to Make Modeling Clay out of Dryer Lint. That’s the coolest, grossest, gosh darn craftiest idea I’ve heard in a long time!


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  1. Cool! Why does dryer lint get such a bad rap? It’s clean, right–just as clean as the clothes that will soon be next to your skin? Not at all like belly-button lint or dust mice or the like.

  2. what i want to know is who thinks up this sort of stuff!? and why? and how!!

  3. I actually debated on using dryer lint to stuff some monkeys but I was worried that it’d be a fire hazard. Plus in this house, the dryer lint is pretty much 50% my hair… which is kinda gross.

  4. Disgusting Ferret

    January 5, 2004 — 9:13 am

    Cool Kris, if it’s 50% hair I’m sure I could come up with a variation on this where the hair can be used as the main ingredient for the Lint Ferret.

    When you say hair…not from the nether regions I hope.

  5. I was just about to say “Ferret, you’re disgusting” but you beat me to it!

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