Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

Happy Bloggiversary to Me!
The milestones just creep up on you, don’t they? Today is web-goddess’s third birthday. There are now earlier posts in the archive from my first attempts at a blog, but the inaugural w-g post was made on January 4, 2001. As I did last year, I’ve compiled some statistics for 2003

Number of posts: 868
Number of comments: 3279
Most commented posts: Sydney Peace Rally, Celebrity Identification Quiz, Mensa “24 H in a D” Quiz, Advice on Getting a Cat, Apple Discussion
Unique commenters: 287 (of course, a lot of those are people like Ferret who never use the same name twice, so the real number’s probably like 200)
Frequent commenters: see here
Number of posts mentioning “Snook”: 212 (that’s nearly 25%!)
Number of posts mentioning “Apple”: 27
Number of polls: 15
Number of poll votes: 484
Most popular polls: What did you do on your 21st birthday?, Can you lick your own elbow?
Site designs: two (I’m averaging just one per year!)
Sock animals created: 10
Harry Potter Scarves knitted: 6 (that’s nearly forty feet of knitting!)
Hits Per Day: Ranged from 3000-6500 throughout the year (though it’s already over 9600 for January thanks to the Sock Monkey tutorial)


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  1. Congratulations!

    That’s an impressive set of stats. The comments-to-posts ratio is high, which is a testament to what a nice little community you’ve got going round here.

    But then, the reason we all keep coming back here because you keep putting up stuff we want to read/talk about. Here’s to more of the same in 2004.

  2. Awww, thanks! I actually forgot to mention that 279 of those comments were on *older* posts (previous to 2003). I guess that’s an argument for keeping discussions open on the old stuff as long as possible.

  3. happy anniversary, kris!
    your site was actually one of the first blogs i ever stumbled across and got me thinking “hmm, what’s all that about?”. thanks for the inspiration, and for always being a pleasure to read. and for making me wish i could craft.

  4. I know some people like to close posts for comments after N weeks so as to restrict the openings for comment spammers, but I’ve always felt that you never can tell when someone might show up out of the blue and have something interesting to say.

    (Having said that, the old post of mine which seems to get the most comments is the one which mentions Oprah; for some reason, every month or so lately a new comment appears from someone who either a) thinks I can put them in touch with Oprah, or b) thinks Oprah reads my site. It’s all a bit weird – don’t these people actually read the site they’re posting to?)

  5. No, they never do. Have you seen this discussion over at Max’s site? It’s about the very same topic.

  6. Well done and happy new year.

    If that’s three for you, then that’s two for me. Remember it’s all your fault, you are to blame.

  7. Hang on, that can’t be right. You started me blogging around January 2001 so this site must be way older.

  8. Well, technically I’d been blogging for four months before that, Jann, but it was on a different site. Maybe you saw that one? web-goddess definitely only started in Jan 2001.

  9. leather appears to be the third anniversary gift—any requests? 😉

    congrats, girl!

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