Origins of Beeyotch

AskMetafilter tackles the important questions like… What is the origin of the slang term beeyotch? The responses are fairly enlightening. I’m pretty sure I picked it back in London in ’98 (courtesy of Hoey and Hipp, for those that know them). That thread also contains the following joke which made me snort with laughter:

Q. What does Snoop Dogg wash his clothes with?
A. Bleee-yatch.


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  1. i could have this story wrong, but sophomore year, the multicultural commissioner of PW walked into a friend’s quad and asked if they had any “ethnic” movies. their response?

    “well, we have beeyotches…”

    (aka Beaches)

    i wish i could remember who actually said that. 😉

  2. Reminds me of another joke:

    Q: What does Bruce Lee drink?
    A: Waaaa-taaaaa

    So very, very bad.

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