The Mathematics of Misery

The Mathematics of Misery
1 – set of keys forgotten by me at home this morning
1 – mobile phone forgotten by the Snook at home this morning
10 – therefore useless phone calls placed by me to the Snook
2 – number of hours it took him to realize I hadn’t signed on to IM from home
25 – dollars spent on magazines and food at the shopping center to keep me busy
5 – daggy garments tried on at Kmart
2 – blinding calf and foot cramps in the middle of the Kmart bra section (brought on by last night’s crappy Pump class)
3.5 – number of hours it took Snook to finally reach home and let me in

Add it all together and it equals a NIGHT of SUCK. I’m goin’ to bed.

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  1. Holy cow…I can relate to this scenario. I had a crappy day for my own list of “coincidences”

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