Redford vs. Robinson

Man, Robert Redford has really gone downhill. I had to do a double-take to make sure that the photo accompanying this Sundance article was him and not Anne Robinson (host of The Weakest Link). *shudder*


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  1. ugh. like beef jerky bleached by being left out in the sun.

  2. Heh! I’d rank him second only to Farrah Fawcett. Looking at that photo, it’s hard to tell whether old Rob needs a facelift, or is suffering the effects of a really bad earlier one.

  3. I think it has somethign to do with him being in his 70’s and still not having gray hair. When your face is melting off your skull from age, the jig is up, Bob.

  4. Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better about my pasty ass. Sun is baaaaaaad.

  5. That picture makes me feel not-so-super-jazzed about my love of tanning every summer.

  6. to be fair, the lighting is pretty crappy and at least he hasn’t gotten one of those Joker face lifts that seem to be going around Hollywood these days. and yeah, i might be whiter than white, but hopefully that’ll mean less need for lasers and peels and such when i’m older. too bad there’s little i can do to keep my hair from going prematurely grey white.

  7. (oops, tried to be clever and put a strike through grey.)

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