On holiday!

Posting may be a bit sporadic for the next week as the Snook and I are heading off today to his parents’ house in Eungai. And tomorrow… Camp Creative starts!


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  1. “heh…you guys…seriously…”

    have fun with all those damned hippies!

  2. And that’s coming from someone who’s out in Hollywierd.

  3. Oh, Hey Kris whats up with the fan in couchcam? Ya sure wouldnt need that around here, portable electric heater maybe…..

  4. Dude, it was like 80 degrees up here yesterday with ninety-five percent humidity. NINETY-FIVE PERCENT. Every surface in the house was wet. My hair – which you all know is stick straight – actually went semi-curly. It’s insane.

    Oh, and as we can’t be on the Internet 24-7, please keep your eye on CouchCam to let us know if you see any intruders entering the house. Unless they look like my friend Kevin, because he’s been authorized to pop in and water the plants. But anybody else, call the cops, okay?! 🙂

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