Day Four

Wrist CuffsDay Four: Today we moved on to wire work. Our teacher handed out these silver “slave cuff” frames that we were supposed to decorate by stringing chunks of crystals and beads across them. My classmates happily began plonking down money for freshwater pearls and ugly metal spacers while my spirit revolted. After three days of making ugly tat, I decided a line must be drawn. I was actually going to make something that I liked. I decided that it would be fun to use a lot of my pretty small beads to make a pattern, the more anarchic the better. So I quickly sketched a little skull design with a pretty pink bow that I’d seen once on Amy’s site. I spent the next two hours translating it into beadwork. It didn’t take long for the other folks to figure out what I was up to. The younger girls especially loved it. It looked sooo much better than the purple/silvery/amethyst crap most of them had churned out. I even got a compliment from the teacher! Afterwards I did another one with butterflies on it to use up some more beads. I’ll probably sell that one at the markets, but I’m definitely keeping the skull. It was my most inspired accomplishment in four days at Camp “Creative”.


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  1. heh heh, with that pose and the cuffs, and the skull motif it is like the birth of gangsta-goddess!

  2. do people at camp coogie hate you yet? you’re taking over the whole thing and making it *cool* – i bet they don’t like that.

    (on an unrelated aside, i had a dream last night that i tried to call you at rodd’s parents house and got the answering machine…rodd’s mom’s message was kinda spacey, and her name was rose. oh, also rodd apparently had a brother named “uhhuh” snook. hmm…..)

  3. OCG (Original Crafty Goddess)

  4. Hee! The only problem with the cuffs is that the wire I used is a little uncomfortable against your wrists. But the pain only makes them more HARDCORE, right? 🙂

  5. muh mumma’s shubby, muh daddy’s shubby…remember how we used to do that skit, awesome…what the hell were we thinking….anyway, you’re lookin hot sis! maybe it’s that i haven’t seen you since…summer? everyone being so health conscious how is it that i am the only one who can’t add some pounds…not enough empty calories i suppose. perhaps some of the snooks hearty homebrew is what i need.

  6. you know what’s weird…dan knows about the “chubby” thing! i always thought that our family was the originator, somehow. (just like how i thought as a kid that i was the one who made up the phrases “uh-oh spaghetti-o’s” and “goodie goodie gumdrops”!)

    and ant, empty calories are definitely the way to go. you’re probably too PO for this weight-gain recipe, but try hanging out at a bar every sunday watching football games, eating philly cheesesteaks and fried foods and drinking enough to equate a bar tab in the triple digits…that’ll put you over 2 bills in no time! just ask dan the man.

  7. Im not sure about the statement above Aim but when you were little I believe you may have been the originator of wearing your winter coat over your bathing suit while in the middle of the summer. Not many kids did that.

  8. You know what’s the WEIRDEST? I just busted out the “shubby” skit on Rodd last night for the first time ever! He was like, “What in the HELL are you doing?” Crazy psychic siblings.

    Thanks for the compliments, Ant. Unfortunately I still weigh exactly the same as I did when you last saw me… but I’ve been lifting a lot of weights since then so I may be a little more toned. And it helps that it’s summer here so I’ve got some color in that picture and I’m not my usual sickly pale. 🙂

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