Camp Creative photos are up!

Mmm, chocolate-coated frozen banana on a stick!My photos from Camp Creative are up! You can see some of the stuff other folks did in the different classes. There are also pictures from our trip to Dorrigo and my much-anticipated visit to the Big Banana. And yes, that’s the Snook and I eating chocolate-coated frozen bananas on sticks. They look obscene but they sure taste yummy!


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  1. Cool photos! Looks like you guys had a really nice time.

  2. I like the photos, especially the one of you two at the waterfall. Very summery, and summer seems very far away right now!

  3. Were you shocked by how the big banana isn’t really that big?
    All your crafts look lovely and felting really isn’t that much of a big deal if you do it in the machine!

  4. I was sorta prepared for the size of it, I guess. You’re right though; it is a little disappointing. It should be, like, GIGANTIC. Next visit we’re going to check out the Big Bull at Wauchope. Ever seen that one? I think it’s the one Bill Bryson wrote about in “Down Under” that has testicles that sway in the breeze. 🙂

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