– There are no Apple In-Ear Headphones in stock in all of Sydney. I called every Apple Centre in the metropolitan area. My shallow desire to sport visible white headphones has been thwarted.

– Has anybody else noticed that MetaFilter‘s been down for three days? I can’t find any status information on the usual sites and I’m craving a ‘Filter fix.


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  1. MeFi – I thought it was just me or that my husband was playing a cruel joke. I was able to get in via two days ago. Now I get nothing.

  2. I thought it was my company’s new filtering software being really mean. I tried to ping it this morning and got no response. Oh well.

  3. At least it’s not just me… I was able to get to a couple of Matt’s other sites today though, like and No word on either of those about the outage.

  4. I got a pair of the Apple In-Ear Headphones, Kris, and I honestly would NOT recommend them. They might be slightly better than the standard iPod ear buds, but the sound isn’t that much better — like listening to something through a hollowed out tin can. I was thoroughly unimpressed. I’m now using a pair of Shure ear buds. They are more expensive but the sound quality is outstanding. One drawback, however, is no signature white wires. From a quick glance at me on my daily commute, you wouldn’t be able to identify me as an iPod user because my wires are black.

  5. Crap. I’d heard one other negative review but I was hoping it wasn’t indicative. To be honest, my desire for them is like 50% wanting the white wires and 50% wanting an in-ear headphone because I can’t use normal ear buds. (My ears are tiny and normal buds are way too big. They hurt and always pop out.)

    So sound quality isn’t the absolute #1 priority here… Are you, like, a serious audiophile? I’m just wondering if the issue is actually one I’d notice. I tend to listen to mp3s ripped at loss-than-optimal quality anyway and I’m generally clueless when it comes to these things. I’m just wondering if the quality bump with a different pair of headphones would make up for the superficial desire to be recognized as an iPod user.

    Hmmm. Maybe I’ll try them out when they finally get some in next week. Of course, every sales person I talked to yesterday predictably said they were “Awesome!” I guess the only way to know is to check!

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