My brush with fame.

This is where Kris’s ego instantly grows three sizes.
My normal carpool buddy Kevin stayed home today so I had to bus it. (And, as Molly Ringwald utters in Sixteen Candles, “I loathe the bus.”) So there I was on the way home, slumped in the corner with my headphones on and a scowl on my face, when a nice looking guy slid into the seat next to me. Five minutes later I realized he’d put down his book and was staring intently at me. Anticipating another iPod encounter, I hit “pause” and turned to him.

“This is going to sound really weird and stalkerish,” he said, “but you look really familiar.” I was all confused, like, “I do?” He next asked, “You’re American, aren’t you?” I was thoroughly bewildered at this point. “Yeah…?” “I read your blog!” No. Way. My jaw dropped. This guy seriously recognized me from this site. I was like, “You’re sure you’re not a stalker?” Nope, it turns out his name is Andrew and he’s a fellow Sydney blogger. How cool is that? I had to SMS the Snook immediately and tell him how famous I am. He was suitably impressed.


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  1. that is so *awesome!* go ahead and enjoy the ego trip. 🙂

  2. Heh. Andrew‘s posted his version of the story. It’s even funnier than mine…

  3. That’s very cool.

    On a random related note, does anyone else find themselves saying things like this:

    Oh, you just grew a bumber cherry tomato crop? A friend of mine in Austrailia … well, I’ve never actually met… well, there’s this blog I read… anyway, here are some good ideas for cooking with cherry tomatoes.

  4. I had something similar recently when I was putting my Permanent Residency application together. As part of the “evidence” that we’re a couple, I included a photocopy of the Christmas card you and Jeff sent us. I decided I couldn’t sum up our relationship in the space allowed so I just wrote “Card from friends in Seattle, USA.” It’s easier that way. 🙂

  5. that’s wicked cool. I read Andrew’s version as well.

  6. awesome! that happened to me walking around the city a couple of times – at first it’s like ‘please don’t kill me’ or ‘please don’t follow me home’ but then it’s all cool 😉

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