My dumb cat.

We got Amy one of these Treat Ball things. Basically it’s a plastic ball that you fill up with cat food and it’s got a little hole so that when she rolls it around, a few bits of food fall out. It’s supposed to be fun for them. The only problem is that she just doesn’t get it. She stares at it and sniffs it, and she eats the food that falls out when I roll it, but she hasn’t made the intuitive leap yet that rolling = food. I feel like my Dad must’ve felt upon presenting three-year-old me with a really fly tricycle, only to discover that I was too dumb to ride it.


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  1. Sparky likes kitty treats in a paperbag. He likes to tear up teh bag to get to the treats. But he has cheap taste. Remind me to tell you about his toiletbrush fetish….

  2. Heh. Amy’s decided she likes to chew on the nylon bristles of the cat brush we bought. And just now I caught her gnawing on her little plush kitty house. I think she’s teething.

  3. Hee hee — the manipulation has begun. She’s not only made the leap in logic, she’s gone a step further. “Why should I work at getting treats outta that thing when my person will do the work? I’ll just be patient, look intently at it and eventually she’ll roll it releasing the treat.” Also, you’ll soon learn that the more you spend on a toy, the more likely it is that your cat will prefer to play with the bag it came in.

  4. Yeah the tricycle thing had you really baffled, you kept trying to push the pedals with both feet at the same time and then would get pissed when it wouldnt go anywhere.

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