Azkaban scarves are different

Crud. I just discovered that they’re changing the Hogwarts scarf design for the Prisoner of Azkaban film! (You can see pictures here.) I guess that means I’ll need to revise the pattern I use


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  1. our brother *totally* had draco’s haircut in like, the 5th grade…

    ooh, and harry’s looking pretty fine! and hermione’s so pretty! and i LURVE ron’s little almost-mullet ‘do! adorable! ohmigodohmigodicantwaittilthiscomesout……

  2. Yeah, I prefer Draco with the slicked back look. He looks like a total dork with the center part. Much less malevolent and more like your average awkward teenage growth-spurtin’ bully.

    You know, I was all excited about Gary Oldman as Sirius until I reread the book last week… and he’s only in it for, like, the last ten minutes! You forget that for most of the story he’s just a big dumb dog.

  3. You don’t have to revise your scarf! No one will say anything, and if they do, just stick your nose in the air and tell them you think the books are the only true canon.

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